Monday, June 3, 2013

she stands

she waits

her heart and flesh cry out for the Living God
she has tasted and seen that He is good
that He is worth waiting for

her soul feels swallowed up in darkness
but she knows what feels isn't what is
she waits

admitting her fear, she cries out for mercy
and clings to the One who gives life
she waits for the fresh green of Spring to awaken her soul

she has planted these seeds before
knows they must be buried in earth
she waits

waits for the tiny green seedlings to push up through the black earth
the seedlings will renew her hope
but her hope is not in the seedlings

she hopes in the Maker, the only One who gives life
who creates from nothing all that is
she hopes in Him

she trusts
in the endless time between the planting and the harvest
when all signs of hope have hidden themselves

where does this trust come from?
experience has done the good work
she remembers His unfailing love

when the darkness is thick and the time is long
trust and hope will fail
she feels the weakness of her own self

all that remains -
knowledge of His goodness and love
intellect and words without the assurance of feeling

like David, she feels the depths of her own weakness
and repeats to herself the truths
truths she has known from her youth

she stands
with no strength to trust, hope or wait
she recites the words of truth she has learned

and stands


janelle said...


Mama said...

Teach me, Lord, to wait!

Fineast said...

this is beautiful joanne, is this a reflection of jens struggles. it sounds like my life, great poem!