Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 plans, in list form; and thankfulness for the year that was

general plans

Learn to cook basic meal recipes
Teach the kids to cook basics
Daily crunches and push-ups
Floss more
Write a blogpost every month
Write at least 6 poems
Write an old fashioned letter to a friend/loved one each month
Push my family towards an active lifestyle - even my lazy teenagers :)
Embrace the early morning and learn to enjoy its quiet
Find the hidden mysteries in Matthew 13 & 14
Write favorite passages from the Bible in my own words
Pray aloud
Run and walk as part of my weekly routine

Reading list

The Daily Reader by Fred White - selections of great prose and poetry to inspire a productive and meaningful writing life
I am a Taxi by Deborah Ellis (the author of The Breadwinner)
Survivors. Children of the Halifax Explosion by Janet F. Kitz
A secular history book on the Roman customs and culture during the time of Jesus (I'd love suggestions)
A book recommended by my dad
Something about the Irish potato famine - again, suggestions welcome
Bible sections on my horizon: the 7 churches in Revelation; Matthew; the differences/similarities between God's revealing Himself via the Law and via Grace
The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
The Gift by Lewis Hyde (actually, to finish reading this, as I've been reading it for a couple of years now)
Oh, I hope to read so much more than this, but these will get me started.

Thankfulness for 2013

I can't even imagine God having more gifts in store for me in 2014 because 2013 was so FULL of gifts!! Some of the gifts that stand out are: Health - finally, finally feeling healthy and not experiencing pain every day. This gift is huge and I feel like having it at the top of my thankful-list is appropriate.
Peace - the restaurant is doing well...not so well that I'm not on my knees regularly, but I am able to see it as a huge gift and hold it with open hands.
Ministry - I finally, after a lifetime of wanting to feel useful to God, feel that He has me in places of use to Him. Mostly, I feel as though I have a front-row seat to watch Him work. And who doesn't want the front-row to the greatest show on earth, and arguably the universe. :)
Rescue - 2013 was the year of my own Red Sea crossing experience. And I am blown away by God's love and faithfulness to me.
People - my life has been filled with the gift of people. Amazing family and friends have surrounded my, often difficult, journey. Last year I was blessed with amazing co-workers who gave energy and beauty to my days as well as helping me see myself in new ways. They will always be one of my favourite 2013 blessings.
Study - in the fall, I was so blessed to be part of a Beth Moore study - Esther - at my Mom's with some amazing women. I learned a lot from the study, and a lot from the women.
Support - I am so incredibly blessed with parents who love and support me and my family, even to their own hurt. I am thankful that they are still modeling for me that true love that never withholds even when loving hurts.
I know there are more - thousands of them. Thank You, Maker of the universe, for Your fingerprints all over my story.

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mama said...

I am so thankful for the ways God has blessed you and your family and for the fact that you recognize and thank Him for your blessings. You are a huge blessing to us and we appreciate the fact that you are willing to share our journey as well as allow us to share yours. We have an awesome Gift-Giver!